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Rocky Horror Picture Show Near Me

One of the most famous audience interactive experiences has to be the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you live in or plan to visit Chicago in 2018, the same kind of fun can be found near you at the immersive musical sci-fi spoof Wild Women Of Planet Wongo.

Composer Dave Ogrin first saw Rocky Horror at the infamous 8th Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village New York where the dress up fest first started. Dave was immediately struck by the movie’s catchy tunes, wild costumes and incredibly fun audience participation. He knew someday he would have to write a show like that … and indeed he has.

8th Street Playhouse Rocky Horror Picture Show

Like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wild Women Of Planet Wongo engages the audience, asking them to participate directly in the show, dress in colorful outer-space costumes and play along with the actors. Wongo even has its own Time-Warp like dance, the Wongo Wuwow … just look at the video and see for yourself. About the Wongo Wuwow dance, The Urban Twist wrote “Wild Woman of Planet Wongo is fun and wacky show for those with an open-mind. And by the end, you’ll surely be doing the ‘wongo wuwow.’”

In a recent interview, Dave said “We like to think of ‘Wild Women of Planet Wongo’ as the next Rocky Horror, inspiring people to dress up like our characters, sing and dance along and participate in the show. Wouldn’t it be cool to see people dressing like Wongettes for Halloween some day!” Wild Women Of Planet Wongo will soon make its Chicago debut. Clinching the Rocky Horror comparison, the new Queen Of Wongo, Jen Conner, has played Janet in multiple versions of Rocky Horror around New Jersey. She says it helped her get the part in Wongo.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Janet

Wild Women Of Planet Wongo opens June 8 at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago. Come party with aliens and enjoy this one-of- a-kind immersive experience. Purple and green outer-space themed costumes encouraged. Tickets at

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