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Dance Clubs Chicago

Chicago is full of great Dance Clubs …. Smart Bar, The Mid, Beauty Bar just to name a few. But did you know that the most underground dance party of all is happening this summer at Wild Women Of Planet Wongo?

That’s right. Where else can you get your groove on with purple and green alien women, sip frosty green Wongotinis and enjoy the craziest interactive show you will ever see? Only in the lower level of the Chopin Theatre, Wicker Park where the Wongo lounge will be rocking every weekend.

Wild Women Of Planet Wongo is a 60s musical sci-fi spoof featuring tall women with purple hair. But unlike your typical comedy show, there are no seats or stage. The actors interact directly with the audience and there is plenty of singing and dancing. By the end of the night, everyone is on their feet doing the Wongo Wuwow! To quote AXS.COM “The imaginative show is based on B-list science fiction films from the mid-20th century and the accompanying songs have a distinctively vintage beat, albeit catchy and dance-worthy. If you’re looking for a traditional play, steer clear. If you’re looking for a fresh, new, innovative and entirely enjoyable night out that includes dancing, lots of laughs …. make a point to visit Planet Wongo!”

Dance Party

Wild Women Of Planet Wongo opens June 8 at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago. Come dance with an alien. Tickets at

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