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Planet Wongo takes Do Division

To kick off the summer and get the word out about our show, our actors took to the streets last weekend at the Do Division Street Festival. Pop-up tents took over Division street between Damen Avenue and Leavitt Street to showcase new music, food, and fashion in the area. Actors and crew alike met in the theatre space to create a game plan for our Wongettes to conquer the festival. Dave Orgin (producer and composer) had created “Wongo Wesidency Surveys” to ask festival-goers if they would be willing to relocate to a purple and green planet to party down before ultimately sending them an invitation to our opening weekend!

Katherine Wettermann and some Wongettes-In-Training
Kathrine Wettermann and director David Rigano share a laugh at Do Division

Georgette(Katherine Wettermann) threatens Ric (Michael Sprenger)

When we got to the festival itself, it was absolutely packed with excited participants and vendors alike. Our space explorers (Jimmy Mann and Michael Sprenger) were lead through the streets by one of the Wongettes (Katherine Wettermann and Sabrina Harms) and “forced” to give the survey to anyone who inquired about the show. The spirit of the show is easily detected in our zany costumes and props, so we had many inquires right off the bat! Our Wongettes would approach groups to make sure that the “manslaves” among them were all behaving themselves before giving details on the show. And some of the festival-goers were just as zany as the show itself, just ask Sabrina!

Annette (Sabrina Harms) and her fierce new friend from Do Division

What surprised our Wongettes the most were all the excited children asking about their wild purple hair, or their bright green costumes! Though not to be mistaken for Disney princesses, our Wongettes were happy to take photos with adoring fans of any ages. (And, while that was particularly adorable, this is a good time to note that Wild Women of Planet Wongo is suggested for audience members 16 and up, as Planet Wongo is notoriously raunchy.)

Annette (Sabrina Harms) shows off her spear to an intrigued young astronaut

Sabrina poses with some young Wongettes in perfect color co-ordination!

All in all, the festival was a success! Planet Wongo walked away with several more “Wesidents” and our actors had a nice break before the outstanding preview that night. The Wild Women of Planet Wongo opens this week! Be sure to secure your spot for opening night!

Louie (Jimmy Mann) and Georgette (Katherine Wettermann) exit in true Wongo fashion

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