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Wongo's Jam Session

Before the sun had even risen on Wednesday, some of the cast and crew were setting up behind the scenes at WCIU. Jen Connor was polishing her tiara alongside Sabrina Harms who was applying her green eyelashes in the dressing room, and James Mueller was checking if either of them would like coffee as any good manslave should. The cast was preparing for their performance on The Jam, an exciting opportunity to showcase our eccentric show!

Jen Connor, Sabrina Harms, and James Mueller get ready

Once everyone was in costumed, the show hit a commercial break, and we were ushered into the sound stage where the Wongettes would be recording quick promos for the show, and would eventually answer some questions in character before performing "By The Book."

Queen Rita (Jen Connor), an astronaut (James Mueller), and a Wongette (Sabrina Harms) record a promo

The Wongettes threatened our space cadet as the cameras rolled before they were invited over to answer a few questions about Planet Wongo itself and the storyline of the show. Nobody could hide their laughter as Queen Rita shushed her manslave, and the mic was handed over so the performance could begin. Everyone was enthralled as Queen Rita explained the rules on Wongo, and the anchors were engaged in the performance both figuratively and literally as we gave everyone a taste of what "immersive theatre" meant!

Queen Rita (Jen Connor) belts By The Book with everyone truly involved!

Be sure to take a look at our performance below, and be sure to grab your tickets for your own immersive experience!

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