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Greetings, earthlings.


Enter a world of Amazonian warrior women and their alluring Queen who first meet men when two bumbling astronauts crash onto their purple and green planet. Hilarity ensues when the guys think they’ve discovered paradise but the Wild Women of Planet Wongo have surprises in store for their captive guests.


Landing in Chicago after a long NY orbit, this immersive musical sci-fi spoof propels the audience into the middle of a madcap 60s B movie experience. No seats needed in this galaxy, not with frosty green Wongotini cocktails, gravity-free dancing, retro game shows, hot prizes and close-up encounters of the WONGO kind.


Humans, aliens and all in between ...

grab your friends, put on your purple wigs and green sequins, and join the cosmic fun!


Welcome to

Planet Wongo

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