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What The Earthlings Are Saying

“Unstinting with its energy and enthusiasm”

   - New York Times


“Wild Women of Planet Wongo is up close and full frontal fun.”

   - Huffington Post

“Silly and sophisticated, a retro-futuristic immersive musical, this delightful romp wields zany charm and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned escapism.”

   - NY Theatre Review

“An immersive musical crammed with good-natured energy and non-stop campy humor”

   - Blog Critics

“Pure fun. So if you’re a sci-fi junkie or you’re just looking for a casually fun time, grab a Wongotini and check out Wild Women of Planet Wongo.”


“A fun, whimsical, funny and interactive show that most do not get to experience when at the theatre. enjoy a night of unexpected thrills”


“A zany, immersive and utterly awesome science fiction comedy.”

   - AXS.COM

“It’s a real testament to old school sci-fi storytelling that you don’t see anymore”



“An immersive experience … the production was hilarious … I assure you that you’re gonna have a blast!”

   - Decay Magazine


“If drinks, dancing and music are your thing, Wild Women of Planet Wongo will not disappoint. Again, make sure you order the Wongotini at the bar.”

   - Stage Buddy

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