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Immersive Theater in Chicago

Looking for an interactive theater experience in Chicago? Wild Women of Planet Wongo is a campy musical comedy adventure that will have you drinking Wongotinis and mingling with the women of Wongo! So let your hair down and join us for an immersive theater experience you'll never forget.

With catchy music and talented, engaging actors, you'll be entranced to drink Wongotinis, dance with strangers, and fall in love with immersive theater!

Immersive Theater – Chicago

Below is a great review from Kaila M. Stokes of Theater in the Now:

"Wild Women of Planet Wongo is an exciting show to see with friends, with drinks, and with a sense of humor! There is no serious plot or heavy demeanor here. Go, let your hair down, dance with a stranger, drink an unknown concoction, and enjoy the movement that is … immersive theater." – By Kaila M. Stokes, Theater In The Now – Read full review »

Immersive Theater in Chicago


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