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Cool Things To Do In Chicago

Chicago is a city with so much to offer … fantastic food, amazing sites and incredible comedy. With all of that going on, how do you decide what is a cool thing to do in Chicago? It’s easy. Go see the immersive musical sci-fi spoof Wild Women Of Planet Wongo.

Planet Wongo is cool

Amazonian warrior women and their alluring Queen first meet men when two bumbling astronauts crash onto their purple and green planet. While the guys think they’ve discovered paradise, hilarity ensues as the Wild Women of Planet Wongo plan surprises for their captive guests. Wongo is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and it is absolutely one of the most cool things to do in Chicago this summer. The show is performed without seats or stage and the actors mingle directly with the audience, sometimes bringing them right into the action of the show. And Wongo is a musical. High-energy singing and dancing await you as this talented group of Chicago actors bring to life all the crazy hijinks in space.

AXS.COM wrote “If you’re looking for a fresh, new, innovative and entirely enjoyable night out that includes dancing, lots of laughs, and a free drink—make a point to visit Planet Wongo!” There’s cool … and then there’s Wongo Cool. Come find out for yourself. Tickets on sale now for this one-of- a-kind cool thing in Chicago. Wild Women Of Planet Wongo opens June 8 at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago. Tickets at

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