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Fun Things To Do In Chicago

Looking for fun things to do in Chicago this summer? It’s hard to have more fun than you’ll have experiencing the immersive sci-fi musical spoof Wild Women Of Planet Wongo which makes its way to the Chopin Theatre summer 2018 run after a long success in New York City.

Audience at Planet Wongo

Geeks of Doom wrote that Wongo is “90+ minutes of craziness, costumes, and hilarious songs that allows guests to be a part of the performance. Combining the classic sci-fi vibe of the late 50s and early 60s, the intentional cheesiness of Star Trek, and catchiness of hit off-broadway musicals, Wild Women of Planet Wongo is a show like nothing you’ve seen before.” Everyone is guaranteed to have fun at Wild Women Of Planet Wongo. It’s an evening of dancing, drinking, laughing, partying with aliens and experiencing up close and “up close and full frontal fun” according to the Huffington Post. Check out the reactions from the audience. It truly is one of the most fun things to do in Chicago.

Wild Women Of Planet Wongo opens June 8 at the Chopin Theatre. Get your tickets, here.

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