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Best Cocktails In Chicago

So what are the best cocktails in Chicago that you probably have never heard of …. yet? Wongotinis of course … those deliciously mysterious green glowing cocktails of the show Wild Women Of Planet Wongo.

Wongotini cocktail

Wongo is an immersive musical sci-fi spoof now making its way to the Chopin Theater in Chicago for a summer 2018 run after a long successful run in New York City. Wongotinis will flow in the lower level lounge bar and audiences can enjoy them while watching and participating in the show.

Stagebuddy wrote “The green-colored ‘Wongotini’ is highly recommended to get you ready for the adventure you're about to embark on.” Theatre In The Now wrote “Wild Women of Planet Wongo is an exciting show to see with friends, with drinks, and with a sense of humor! There is no serious plot or heavy demeanor here. Go, let your hair down, dance with a stranger, drink an unknown concoction, and enjoy the movement that is … immersive theater.” And yes, that “unknown concoction” is the green glowing Wongotini. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them popping up at bars and cocktail lounges all over Chicago! We know they are one of the best cocktails in Chicago! Wild Women Of Planet Wongo opens June 8 at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago. Come try the Wongotini yourself while you party with aliens and dance the night away. Tickets at

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