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June 22, 2018

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Chicago's Last Wuwow

July 31, 2018

For the past two months, The Wild Women of Planet Wongo has shown Chicago what would happen if two bumbling astronauts were to land on a purple and green planet of only women. And hilarity did ensue! The show has been busy here, engaging audiences with its zany story, catchy songs, and audience participation. 

  We've had some kind press including WGN and Chicago Sun-Times and several great reviews, including Windy City Times, SCI-FI and Kelly Kleiman, participated in the city lifeand had fantastic opportunities to showcase the talent of our cast!


During our twenty-eight performances we've had a total of fifty-six winners of our interactive Mating Game gameshow, 1,100 posts total have used our hashtag #planetwongo (#manslave has 2,784 posts, but we don't think they're all from us...), and most importantly, we've gotten to tell this spectacular story for eight weeks!


And now, after those twenty-eight dynamite performances, our time in Chicago has come to a close. The Chopin Theatre has been a fabulous host, and we hope you will all stay in our orbit and keep up with us right here on our blog and our Instagram to see where our spaceship lands next! 

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