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June 22, 2018

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Wongo's SCI FI Scoop

June 18, 2018

The latest issue of SCI FI recently appeared in the office of our fearless leaders of Planet Wongo, and it features our retro-futuristic fantasy!


SCI FI is a print-only publication with a circulation of approximately sixty thousand customers throughout North America. This magazine covers everything to do with science fiction, including movies, TV, online services, books, and now an immersive musical.

Chicago Readies for Wongo Tango is about the Chicago production of Wild Women of Planet Wongo. The article features an interview with Amanda Nicholas, the Queen Rita of New York, and explains that she felt Rita was “the total package” as a character. (We couldn’t agree more!) SCI FI Magazine also interviewed Dave Origin (composer and producer) and David Rigano (director) to get their takes on the telling of this wacky tale. So if you want to know the origin story behind The Wild Women of Planet Wongo, the article provides excellent insight from our creative crew.

You can find the newest edition of SCI FI magazine at most major newsstands, bookstores, and various hobby and comic shops. We're here for the summer, so be sure to grab your tickets today! 

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